Saturday, February 27, 2016

7 Reasons to Buy Off-Lease Computers and Laptops

Thinking of buying a computer?  Here's seven reasons why you should consider an off-lease computer.

  1. If you just want a computer to send emails, check out your grandkids on Facebook, pay some bills, or watch funny cat videos then you get by with a much, cheaper computer.
  2. Off-lease computers are cheaper than buying a brand new computer.
  3. Why should you pay for the high depreciation that happens with high tech items?  Let some big company, school board, or a government agency pay for the cost of that depreciation.
  4. A lot of lemons in modern electronics are discovered in the first few weeks of operation.  Buying something that has working experience means that it's likely a proven as a solid machine.  If part of it was defective it likely would have been found out before the end the lease. 
  5. If you are not a fan of Windows 8 or Windows 10 then you will be happy to know that off-lease computers allow you the option to get a computer that has Windows 7 or Linux operating systems.  Most new computers don’t give you that option.
  6. Worried about having the kids on your computer?  Off-lease computers are an affordable option that lets the kids surf the internet or do homework without risking damage to your more expensive computer.
  7. If you’re a parent do you want your kids doing homework or wasting their lives on a fancy new expensive computer playing the latest video game?  Trust us, your child doesn’t need an octa-core CPU computer with sixteen-gigabytes of RAM to visit Wikipedia or use MS Word. These computers are made for doing research, writing essays, and emailing teachers.
Curious about what’s available in the off-lease computer market?  We have a huge selection of  off-lease computers, laptops, flat-panel monitors, and computer accessories for sale from top brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, and more.  Visit the off-lease computers and laptops section of our website or come on down to Forest City Surplus Canada at 1712 Dundas Street in London, Ontario, Canada and see the selection for yourself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is it a Lantern? Flood Light, Work Light...

Is it a lantern? Is it a flood light or maybe it's work light... It's all of the above. 

We are proud to introduce our new Pro Sport 800 Lumens Cordless Portable LED Work Lights. It has a versatile design makes it great for outdoor job sites, camping, fishing or for emergency lighting. It's the light that does it all! It's got a stand for when working on the jobs where you need light or you can detach it for use as a camping flashlight. 

If you hate buying batteries you will be happy to know that it comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 hours. It's one of our September specials so we have knocked the price down from $54.95 down to only $39.95. 

Get your Pro Sport 800 Lumens Cordless Portable LED Work Light before they disappear.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New models of Screened Gazebo Tents with Rain Flaps are now Available

A big thank you to everyone that has been snapping up our screen gazebo tents with rain flaps this year.  Thanks to you our one supplier told us that we managed to sell more screen gazebos with rain flaps than any other independent camping store in Canada. 

We are happy to announce that we have added two new Yanes models of screen gazebos with rain flaps to our lineup. Yanes has been making quality, durable and affordable camping products for 32 years.

The first model is the Kuche.  It is a spacious 12 x 12 square dome screen tent with rain flaps that provides with 144 square feet of interior space. The large design means that it should have no problem fitting over top of standard 8 foot campsite picnic tables.  It offers screens and rain flaps on all four sides allowing you to block out the sun whenever you want from whatever side that you want.  It has 2 sets of large doors and 2 extra large windows.  Simply roll down or tie-up whatever flap that you want.  If you can tie a shoe you can tie the flaps.  The high 7-1/2-foot ceilings allowing even most NBA basketball players the ability to stand up inside it (as a side note we don’t guarantee that Shaq, Kobe or Jordan will show up at your campsite, however since we think camping is a ton of fun we encourage you to send them an invite :-) ). 

The no-see-um screen mesh windows let you enjoy nice outdoor breezes, but while providing a defense against mosquitoes, flies and almost any other type of flying insects.

A popular question we get asked a lot is how much does it weigh? 
It weighs 27.4-pounds.  This is about a pound and a half more than other models that we have carried before.  This normally isn't a problem though as this type of tent is normally used by people who are car camping where weight isn't an issue (compared to weight sensitive backpackers who try to minimize the gear they take).

The second new model of tent is called the Cantina.
It's the first ever kitchen-style screened tent with rain flaps that we have carried.

This offers a rectangle or design that provides 11 x 13 feet or 143 square of usable space.  Although not as tall as the Kuche it does still offer 6-1/2 foot ceiling (at the peak) allowing most people to be able to stand up. If you're camping novice you appreciate the simple cross pole design that makes this design simpler to put up then the Kuche. 

Because it's designed to be used when preparing food this screen can't comes with rain flaps on the inside so that you can roll down the flaps in case of bright sun or incoming rain without having to exit the tent and risk allowing bugs to enter the tent while you have the flaps open. If you've ever tried preparing a meal on a campsite you will find that feature quite handy as flies seem to be able to smell a good meal over a mile away.  
With winter on its way now is the time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors while it lasts.  

Order your screened gazebo tents with rain flaps today!